Meet the different collections we offer

Identify the resources that can be borrowed and those that require special handling


General Collection

The General Collection is the largest and best known part of the library's resources. These are the books that can be borrowed at home and have a white label. Check that their classification begins with the initials CG.

Within this collection are the items (books) of Permanent Reserve:


Permanent Reserve

This is not a collection per se, but a type of item: reserve copies of books in the general collection.

They are located within the general collection but are identified with a blue label. They can only be consulted in the reading room; they cannot be loaned.



These books are for quick reference (dictionaries, encyclopedias and other similar books), so they do not leave the library. They are identified by an orange label.

This collection includes the following items: Reference Folio & Booklet


Reference Folio

These are our largest books and require a shelf according to their size. They are part of the Reference collection and have a green label.

Temporary unavailable


We have booklets for on-site consultation. They are items from 5 to 48 pages that are part of the Reference collection.


This is a special collection for professors, its loan is long-term and is made through the academic coordination offices. Once they are returned by the professors, they go to the collection for on-site consultation in a similar way to the RP books.

Double Degree

These are books for double degree students. They serve as support in the bibliography that they are required to write abroad.

Due to remodeling, the following Central library collections are not available until further notice

Kids Collection

Central Library offers children's literature books, which are also useful for foreign students. They can only be consulted in the reading room and we have a special space for this purpose. They have a pink label

We recommend that an adult remain with the children at all times.


It is made up of works published by the university and its safekeeping and consultation is restricted to the Special Collections area (Central Campus, Building A, level 2).


This is a special collection that we hold in high esteem and whose subject matter is centered on the city of Puebla. Access is restricted to the Special Collections area (Central Campus, Building A, level 2).


It consists of a donation under the same name that is guarded together with the Puebla Collection. Access is restricted to the Special Collections area (Central Campus, Building A, level 2).


These are compact discs, DVDs and similar items, most of which are complementary materials to printed books. Check the catalog for the location of these materials


It consists in all materials with special physical characteristics and value. Due to its characteristics, its consultation requires a special treatment.

It can be consulted in the area of the same name in the central campus, Building A, level 2.

Karol Wojtyla

This collection houses materials related to Pope John Paul II, as well as works of his authorship. They are located in Special Collections for in-room consultation.

Márquez Rodiles

Donated to the university by his family, we keep the personal library of the artist Ignacio Márquez Rodiles. Due to the nature of its specimens, its access and consultation are restricted.

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