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When you find a book you want to borrow, just check that it belongs to the General Collection and present it at the Circulation module along with your ID card. Remember that the procedure is personal and the credential is indispensable.

If you are a new student and do not yet have a credential, you must present your ID and an official photo ID.

The entire UPAEP community has the same rights, so professors, students and collaborators can borrow the same amount of materials for two weeks.

You can renew books from the Students or Collaborators portal in the "Renew books" option.

If you do not return the book on the due date, you will be fined $10 per day for each book you do not return on time and you will not be able to borrow more books until you pay.

We want the books to be used by as many users as possible; if you no longer use the books, you can return them before the due date.

For central campus students:

  1. Request the amount at the Circulation module or from the librarian.
  2. In the "Tuition and Payments" section of the UPAEP APP, locate the "Payment References" option to obtain your reference number corresponding to Multas Biblioteca.
  3. Make the payment at the bank window or ATM with your reference number.
  4. Present your proof of payment at the circulation area or with your librarian.

That's it! Once the voucher has been delivered, you will be able to continue requesting material. We recommend that you keep a copy or photograph of the receipt for future reference.

*You can also perform this process through UNISOFT

For students in Tehuacán:

  1. Ask for the amount when delivering the book
  2. Go to SUI (Servicios Universitarios Integrales) to pay
  3. Present your voucher at the library to continue checking out books.

Not necessarily, but you will not be able to apply for new loans until you present your proof of payment. We recommend that you make the payment before the end of the cycle to avoid problems with re-enrollment and paperwork.

Your profile will most likely remain blocked until you turn it in. If you lost it, it is necessary to present a statement of account where the payment is reflected for the corresponding amount and date.

Don't worry, you only need to present a copy of your proof of payment at the circulation area.

In these cases, it is necessary to replace the book with another copy of the same edition (or more recent edition). Please try to do it before the due date, as the book will remain on loan to your profile until you return it and, if necessary, you will have to pay the accumulated fine. In case of mistreatment, we will deliver the mistreated copy to you after due physical processing.

Only the General Collection can be borrowed, we invite you to learn more about our collections and their characteristics.


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